Monday May 16, 2022

5,000 ghost schools being closed: Sindh education minister

By Our Correspondent
January 21, 2022

SUKKUR: As many as 5,000 ghost schools, existing only in records, are being closed in Sindh. It was announced by Sindh Education Minister Syed Sardar Ali Shah.

He asserted that 1,400 out of 5,000 schools have already been shut down, while the rest of the schools, including 450 schools in district Umerkot, will be soon closed. He said: “A campaign has been started from my own village,” adding that inquiries on fake appointments were under way. As soon as it was completed, all responsible individuals would be taken to task.

He showed firm determination to close down schools with zero registration and added that the premises were being used as guest houses of feudal lords. To a question regarding closure of schools in the wake of high rate of Covid-19, he said that marriage halls, transport, and other sectors were working unabatedly, so why there was a fuss on opening of schools. He urged education institutions to follow SOPs for maintaining protected environment for the students.