Wednesday January 26, 2022

Inflation-hit public finding it hard to afford basic needs

November 29, 2021

Islamabad : For over three years, the government has failed to fulfil to provide basic requirements of life, as the public has been wandering here and there in search of any kind of relief but in vain.

They are continuously facing one crisis after another including electricity, natural gas, drinking water, ever-increasing inflation, petrol crisis, unemployment, means routine life of a common man has completely collapsed but bosses are still taking all these issues non-seriously which was not the common but very dangerous situation for the innocent public.

The public is using all platforms to protest through social media, electronic and print media and continuously coming on roads against government policies but in vain.

Over 80 per cent of areas here in Rawalpindi and Islamabad are facing zero gas pressure. The residents were buying three times food from hotels which was not affordable. The price of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is increasing day-to-day and 1-kilogram of LPG is being sold at Rs250. The PTI government has increased the gas prices up to 200 per cent in three years.

Similarly, consumers are facing 6 to 8 hours of power shutdowns in excuse of maintenance work even in winter season. All kinds of businesses have gone the dogs completely due to prolonged power shutdowns. The consumers had to face 10 to 12 hours loadshedding in the summer season in excuse of ‘electricity shortage’ and now facing 6 to 8 hours power shutdowns in the name of maintenance work. The government is continuously increasing the rates of electricity as well.

The public has been buying record high-priced petrol at Rs145.82 per litre and diesel at Rs142.62 per litre and facing inflation flood in the country.

Even weekly bazaars and government-run utility stores have literally failed to provide relief to the public.

In three years, all kinds of ghee/cooking oil brands increased their prices by Rs230 to RsRs250 per kilogram from Rs130 to Rs380. The price of a 20-kilogram ‘atta’ bag jumped by Rs400 to Rs600 from Rs700 to Rs1100 (normal quality) and from Rs1000 to Rs1600 (good quality).

The ‘roti’ prices have increased by Rs5 in three years from Rs7 to Rs12 and ‘Naan’ by Rs7 from Rs8 to Rs15.

The prices of vegetables, meat, fruits, and all other eatable items witnessed a sharp rise alongside overcharging and open violations of the officially notified price list in the absence of any checks and balances from the government in the market.

Talking to ‘The News’ people from different walks of life wondered as to what would happen tomorrow and how poor people will survive in this country because the inflation ratio and unemployment have rocketed to the sky and purchasing power of a common man has ended during the past three years.

Dr. Uzma Irfan was surprised by government behaviour in this famine-like situation in the country. She said that our prime minister and his cabinet are continuously taking all issues non-seriously. They are not ready to accept the realities of this situation and blame the previous government for over three years, which was dangerous, she said.

Haji Muhammad Amjad, a senior citizen said that the utility store was the only ray of hope for the poor segment of society but the PTI government has snatched all kinds of relief from government-run stores as well. “The poor community could easily buy 1-kilogram ghee/cooking oil at Rs120-140 but now the commodity is available at Rs350 to Rs380. What kind of change the Prime Minister wanted to introduce,” he strongly denounced.

Shabana Irshad, a housewife said that there is no gas, no electricity, no water, no relief, and no justice here in the country. We are tired of listening to the fruitless speeches of Prime Minister Imran Khan because he was just ‘castling in the air and practically he did nothing, she denounced.

She said that 1-kilogram LPG is selling at Rs250 even in November, I wonder what would be the price of LPG in the peak winter season. The LPG was easily available at Rs70 three years back but now it was difficult to buy LPG, she said. She said that all other works have stopped because we could hardly manage our kitchen during the past three years.