Tuesday December 07, 2021

Voiceless victims

November 26, 2021

Be it a case of a woman casually subjected to violence, brutally beaten, or axed to death, everyone’s first impulse is to blame the victim. This, obviously, allows men feel that they can get away with even the most heinous crimes in the guise of ‘honour’. Honour killing has always been treated differently from the coldblooded murder that it is. Such violence is seen as a natural expression of dominance by men. Women are held responsible for their own victimisation and are silenced. The failure to enforce laws can be blamed for the prevalence of such crimes. Moreover, treating women as property is an other major factor. Women have been uprooted from their individual reality as humans and are treated as objects. As long as women continue to be seen as subservient to men , we can’t prevent these incidents.