Thursday September 23, 2021

Fourth wave of Covid-19: 12 die of coronavirus in KP

PESHAWAR: The fourth wave of coronavirus is becoming deadly as it claimed 12 lives in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and infected another 460 people on Friday.

Health Minister Taimur Jhagra said the fourth wave of Covid-19 had become deadly worldwide, saying they had a better strategy to handle it and minimise its impact.

He said the government had stressed vaccination against the infectious diseases, saying those who were unvaccinated would be at risk during the fourth wave.

He urged the people to take precautionary measures and follow the standard operating procedures by wearing facemasks.

Taimur Jhagra said he was in touch with heads of the hospitals and expanded facilities in 13 major hospitals of the province to cope with the emerging situation. “We have started holding daily morning meetings with heads of the hospitals and are enhancing their capacity to better handle the fourth wave. The DG health office has been directed to provide all necessary items to hospitals,” the health minister said.

Last time when the disease was at its peak, the uninterrupted supply of oxygen to hospitals had become a challenge.

Taimur Jhagra said this time they had better management and enhanced oxygen capacity of hospitals. He said like the rest of the world, the cases of delta variant of the infectious disease were rising in KP.

The situation became serious a few days ago when hospitals began receiving coronavirus patients. The number is rising with each passing day and the death toll of 12 was the highest in recent months.

The doctors and other health workers had heaved a sigh of relief and became relaxed after their long hard work during the month- long 3-rd wave of the coronavirus.

However, according to health experts, the fourth wave is stated to be more dangerous in terms of causing fatalities worldwide.

Prof Dr Syed Amjad Taqweem, a Peshawar-based physician and expert on Covid-19, said the coronavirus cases increased when lockdown was relaxed. “I think there will be a fifth and sixth wave after the lockdown is relaxed. The delta variant is highly infectious and has played havoc in Karachi,” he opined.

He said his colleagues in Karachi had told him that those vaccinated were relatively less serious. “So, this time it appears to be pandemic of unvaccinated,” he said. “Some physicians are happy with Chinese vaccine but most are of the opinion that a third dose of mRNA vaccine like moderna will be better as booster single dose,” Dr Amjad Taqweem stated.

He said hospitals and Intensive Care Units (ICUs) were receiving corona patients. “The Covid-19 is not going anywhere soon,” he opined, adding that there was no life without SOPs. “SOPs are normal in the new world. A pandemic comes once in a century to change lifestyles,” he maintained.