Tuesday September 28, 2021

Bilawal foresees general elections anytime

July 30, 2021

KARACHI: Chairman Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Thursday said general elections could be held anytime and urged the party activists to roll up their sleeves for the next polls.

He was addressing a meeting held at the Chief Minister’s House here.

PPP legislators, activists, and office-bearers belonging to Karachi were in attendance. Bilawal said keeping in view the Afghan situation, it was imperative that there should be the PPP government in the country adding that he had foreseen that his party would form the next government in the country.

“We know difficult times are coming, as only one party is capable of taking care of the country and that is the Pakistan Peoples’ Party,” he added.

He said the Afghan situation could create repercussions for Karachi, as it had the largest Pashtun population.

He said the PPP had become successful in its strategy to contest the present “selected” government in the recent by-elections and appealed to the party activists to do fullest preparations for the forthcoming local government polls in the province.

He said the entire Pakistan knew that it was only the PPP that had the capability to defeat the ruling party.

“The people of Karachi know well that the PTI and terrorists should be expelled from the city to save Karachi,” he said.

He said a mechanism of political monitoring and check and balance was required in Karachi to resolve problems of its residents.

Bilawal said he had tasked the Sindh CM with bringing such a political representative (as being the administrator) for all districts including Karachi who would be available to the citizens all the times to solve their problems.

He said certain people had started assaulting Sindh, as they had been dreaming to rule it adding that the PPP would combat such elements.

“An attempt is being made to fight against the PPP by assembling together the entire political trash of Sindh,” he said.

He said the federal government continued to commit injustices against Sindh as a federal minister on the floor of the National Assembly had conceded that injustice was being done to Sindh on the water issue.

“Even then, Prime Minister Imran Khan hasn’t increased the water quota for Sindh,” he added.

Bilawal said the right of the province had also been usurped on the issue of population census.

He said livelihoods had been snatched from 10,000 families associated with the Pakistan Steel Mills.