Wednesday December 01, 2021

Siraj terms Kashmiris ‘most spirited freedom-lovers’

July 19, 2021

LAHORE: Jamaat-e-Islam ameer Sirajul Haq praised the spirit of sacrifice and commitment in Kashmiris, saying their third generation was now the torch-bearer of the freedom struggle, writing the history of valour with their blood against the Indian atrocities.

“I don’t recall any other nation more passionate than the people of Kashmir who have made historic sacrifices for freedom in the recent history,” he said while addressing a public rally at Rawalakot on Sunday, says a message received at Mansoorah.

People of Azad Kashmir, he said, must boycott those political parties who did nothing for the Kashmir cause during their rule.

He said he was surprised to see leaders of the PTI, PMLN and the PPP in AJK election campaign, questioning what was to their credit as far as Azad Kashmir and the Kashmir cause was concerned. He said the youth of AJK was jobless, majority of people were living in extreme poverty, inflation was major problem in the area, but the PTI and the PMLN government of the AJK never bothered to address these issues.

“I request the people of AJK to vote for the JI on July 25 for their bright future,” he said.

He said the JI was proud of its leaders and workers who made great contribution to the Kashmir freedom struggle.

He said the JI was the only political party of Pakistan which was pursuing the case of Kashmir much more than any other party for the last seven decades.