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Neom reveals Jaumur: Futuristic cosmopolitan shore city

Jaumur luxury community set to deliver most advanced lifestyle

By Web Desk
May 09, 2024
Neom reveals Jaumur luxury community in Saudi Arabia. — Neom
Neom reveals Jaumur luxury community in Saudi Arabia. — Neom

Neom’s largest luxury community along the Gulf of Aqaba shoreline, Jaumur is expected to be the most cosmopolitan place introduced by the corporation’s Board of Directors.

The highest criteria of future livability and active lifestyles are met by this new development, strengthening Neom's position in the regional development of northwest Saudi Arabia, according to Saudi Gazette.

An impressive marina will serve as the focal point of an exclusive residential complex with about 6,000 residents, to be built in Jaumur. 

There will be approximately 700 luxury villas and 500 marina apartments in the neighborhood, all of which have private mooring and beachfront access.

Moreover, 350 opulent rooms and suites spread over two destination hotels in Jaumur are intended to let visitors fully experience contemporary seaside hospitality and recreational opportunities.

The marina, the focal point of Jaumur, is topped by a massive 1.5-kilometre aerofoil that serves as both a magnificent entry for the largest superyachts in the world and a protective barrier for the yacht berths. 

The marina becomes a bustling meeting place for adventure seekers and yacht enthusiasts thanks to this sculpture-like aerofoil.

Together with year-round art events, renowned shopping establishments, and top-notch dining alternatives, the waterfront promenade offers a vibrant blend of leisure, cultural, and entertainment activities.

Jaumur will also be home to a premier international boarding school and a cutting-edge deep-sea research centre, underscoring its dedication to both innovation and education. 

With an emphasis on marine protection and discovery, the research institute hopes to establish Neom as a premier hub for oceanographic study. 

The residential school will provide an extensive education to a selected group of international students, via diverse faculty.