Tuesday November 30, 2021

PTI MNA lambasts own govt, demands relief for common man

June 23, 2021
PTI MNA lambasts own govt, demands relief for common man

ISLAMABAD: While criticising economic policies of the regime and demanding relief for the common man in the budget, PTI MNA from Attock Major (R) Tahir Sadiq came hard on his government for what he said giving no instant relief to the poor in the budget, while price hike and inflation were on the rise.

Taking part in the budget in the National Assembly on Tuesday, Tahir Sadiq said the government did nothing for the poor except from using that segment of society and raising slogans for them. “There is no instant relief for the poor in the budget,” he said.

Tahir Sadiq rejected a 10% raise in salaries of government employees, saying it should be 25% in view of a 100% hike in prices of essential commodities. “Do something for the poor before they throw you in the sea,” he said.

He questioned from where the government would meet 40% budget deficit. “Are you going for mini-budget, indirect taxation or increase in electricity tariff to meet the budget deficit,” he said.

Tahir Sadiq said that corruption and price hike was at its peak and the bureaucracy was in control of the government, adding that corruption had increased at the lowest level of departments. “The corrupt bureaucrats are removed from a post and are appointed at some other better places,” he said. “You say that the next general election was our, I want to

tell you that corruption will sweep you away,” he said.

Tahir Sadiq also criticised the government for ignoring his district Attock in the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP). “A couple of special assistants are hurdles in development funds for Attock,” he said.

He advised the prime minister that if he really wanted to see change in the country then he would have to get rid of such special assistants and control bureaucracy. He said the non-elected advisors and special assistants, who misguide the prime minister, would have to be removed if the government wanted to see a change.

The PTI member also asked the government to increase allocations for the agriculture sector for which a peanut amount has been kept in the budget for this vital sector.

The PTI member also questioned why the government did not expel the French ambassador for fears of losing business in the international market. “We curse such business, there can be no compromise on Khatam-e-Nabuwat (SAW),” he said.

Noor Alam Afridi of PTI advised the government to give relief to the people by reducing electricity tariffs, prices of medicines and arrest food inflation instead of introducing Ehsas Programme. “I belong to the PTI I will speak against price hike in the country,” he said, adding that every member was busy protecting their parties’ top personalities but nobody speaks for the poor people.

He said he joined Imran Khan because he was against corruption, saying that there should be across the board. “You should not give clean chit to anybody by succumbing to black-mailing,” he said.

Noor Alam said he was sent to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) when he criticised the government and fake cases were framed against him. “If NAB could find nothing against me, I was asked not to deliver hard speeches against the government,” he said.

Noor Alam pointed out that credit of arresting terrorism in the country should go only to Pakistan Army and the people who gave numerous sacrifices.