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Tareen has power to take govt head on: Sana

By Our Correspondent
April 09, 2021

LAHORE: By accompanying several MNAs and MPAs, Jahangir Tareen has told the government that he still has the power to take it head on.

PML-N Punjab President Rana Sanaullah said this while talking to media outside an accountability court here on Thursday. He said a number of MNAs and MPAs were present with Jahangir Tareen on Wednesday when he reached the court. Tareen showed his power to the government and sent a silent message that Punjab and federal governments are in his pocket.

During his appearance in the court, Tareen said he is facing oppression, Sanaullah said, adding that Tareen told media that he started business in nineties but being a businessman, he did not condemn the oppression faced by the Sharif family. He said he hoped that this time, Tareen will not fly his plane here and there. Sanaullah said the Sharif family's business transactions were declared money laundering and at that time, Tareen remained silent.

Sanaullah said Imran Khan has no business and the only thing he is skilled in is to beg money. He said it was said that Hamza Shahbaz and Salman Shahbaz were having anonymous properties. He hoped that on April 13, 2021, Shahbaz Sharif's bail application will be accepted and he will get justice.

“Shahbaz Sharif's era is worth studying as the Sharif family employed thousands of people in their industrial units,” he said and claimed the PML-N will get another chance to serve the public. Answering a question that the PDM has finished, he said false propaganda against the PDM is being done.

“The PDM is formed on the basis that incompetent gangs are imposed on the country and all parties are united on this basic principle,” he said, adding that now if one or two parties want to carry on their struggle separately, it is their own choice.

Sugar has crossed Rs 100 per kg mark and if this trend continues, sugar will cross Rs 150 per kg, he said, adding that during the PML-N government, the prices of essential commodities were far below. Replying to a question, he said the PML-N is a majority party in Punjab and the Centre. He said the party is strictly following the code of conduct in Daska elections. He hoped that the April 10 elections will be transparent. He said so far independent polls are suggesting that the PML-N will win Daska elections with a clear majority.