Wednesday July 17, 2024

Ziauddin University confers 582 degrees at 18th convocation

By Our Correspondent
April 02, 2021

Ziauddin University, in its 18th convocation held on Thursday, awarded 582 degrees to graduating students for various disciplines. Female students bagged seven gold medals out of nine.

The students received degrees in various programmes, MBBS, Pharm D, Dentistry, Audiology and Speech Language Therapy, Biomedical Engineering, Medical Technology, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Accelerated Doctor of Physical Therapy, Accelerated Doctor of Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Communication & Media Sciences, and B.Ed. Also, three students bagged doctorate degrees and 26 MPhil degrees at the convocation.

Nine position holders won gold medals for their academic performance. The recipients were Manisha Devi of MBBS, Marium Majid of Pharm D, Itrat Fatima Shah of Dentistry, Amna Bokhari of Audiology and Speech Language Therapy, Amal Fatima of Biomedical Engineering, Munira Mustafa of Medical Technology, Misbah of Physical Therapy, Syed Mohsin Ali of Nursing, and Daniyal Abid Khatib of Communication & Media Sciences.

Addressing the convocation, Chancellor Ziauddin University Dr Asim Hussain congratulated the graduating students and acknowledged their success. He said; “This day marks a transitional moment of your life. The hard work you have put in gives me the sense of achievement, the years and time spent in Ziauddin University now makes you look into the future and discover the new challenges of life and address them.”

He also praised the efforts of students, their parents and faculty of Ziauddin University for training students to bring them at par with international standards. The chancellor said “I pray and hope the graduates of today will serve the nation in a best possible way, which ultimately will be a step in the right direction to fulfil the dreams and a vision of our forefathers in general and Sir Dr Ziauddin Ahmad in particular.”

“I have no hesitation in saying that our generation has collectively failed to achieve the desired goals for the emancipation of people of this country. It is up to you to pick up from here and do what needs to be done. A lot of efforts are needed to be made to become a viable and responsible state in the world canvas. We need to effectively devolve power to the people. The greatest scarcity of food and water needs to be urgently addressed. In this era of technology explosion, we need to be highly digitalised.”

Dr Asim Hussain further said: “We are adding cutting-edge tools and digital technology to education in all faculties of Ziauddin University. The recent example is the addition of Anatomage, a 3D dissection system for our anatomy department. This is the beginning and in the next couple of years we will see equipment which is not available in any other university in Pakistan.

“I can proudly say we are in the process of installing a Cyclotron, which will produce a broad array of diagnostic and therapeuticisotopes not available elsewhere. We are putting up a genetic and molecular lab with next generation sequencing instruments for both diagnostic and research purposes. These two things will be the first in any Pakistani university.”

“Ziauddin University is going to start at least one semester in every faculty to teach the students the morals and principles of life. It is our endeavour to produce a well-rounded graduate who can achieve the highest goals of excellence and work for the benefit of the community and Pakistan at large.

“As Pakistan needs you ever more to correct our historical perspective and dwindling position in the world, I would like to say that our doors will always stand open for our graduates to come back and be part of the team in whatever way and take this university to achieve the highest laurels of academic excellence,” he added.