Thursday December 02, 2021

PML-N MPs to submit resignations by 31st

December 15, 2020

LAHORE: PML-N Central Working Committee has passed several resolutions in which the decisions of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) were endorsed and ratified.

The first resolution fully endorsed the decisions of the PDM and reiterated its commitment that all PML-N MPs would submit their resignations to the party leadership by December 31 and empower them to submit the resignations to the speakers concerned at an appropriatetime. In order to pull Pakistan out of crises, the meeting demanded that a way be immediately paved for free, fair and transparent general elections so that true representatives can lead the nation. The resolution further said the party fully supported the statement of PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif and reiterates its commitment to transform Pakistan into a truly constitutional, Islamic, democratic and welfare state as envisioned by Quaid-i-Azam. The struggle will continue for which it is essential to completely eliminate the interference of the Establishment and the intelligence agencies in politics so that the slogan of ‘respect the vote’ becomes a reality.

The meeting condemned the government’s retaliatory tactics and said it condemned the arrest of party president Shahbaz Sharif and opposition leader in the Punjab Assembly Hamza Shahbaz. Party leaders said the NAB, FIA and anti-corruption department lied and were making bogus cases against the opposition.

The meeting declared that inflation has deprived the people of their right to life. Prices of flour, sugar, vegetables, eggs, ghee, lentils are skyrocketing. The continuous rise in electricity and gas prices has emptied the pockets of the people. The rise in medicines prices has brought the patients at the brink of death.

The collapse of economy, on the one hand, has put the industrialists, businessmen and business community to sleep, and on the other, a sea of unemployment has eroded the social fabric. The severity of the problems is increasing on a daily basis which is emerging as a serious threat to the national unity. Government corruption, the number of scandals is increasing at the rate of public problems, but the fascist corrupt gang in power is committed to taking political revenge and is engaged in false statements.

The meeting paid homage to the ideological loyalty, sacrifices and perseverance of the party leaders, and members of parliament. The meeting appreciated the full participation of the PML-N’s leaders and workers in the PDM rallies. The meeting declared that all those who took part in this historic struggle are capital of the country and a valuable asset to the party.

The meeting was aimed at highlighting the aims and objectives of the PDM movement, highlighting the problems of the people, enhancing the effectiveness of the party’s narrative across the country, accelerating the party’s political process, and introducing the entire party as a collective force.

Another resolution declared that Nawaz Sharif is a true and upright Pakistani and loyal to the Constitution, democracy and people. He saved the people from inflation, unemployment and despair and eliminated loadshedding and ended energy crisis, saved 14000 MW of electricity, built cheap power plants including nuclear power plants, nuclear blasts, JF-17 Thunder planes, ended terrorism and defended the country.

It further said he played a historic role in making the forces strong and invincible, took concrete and bold steps to elevate the country, enhanced Pakistan’s prestige in the comity of nations, and his wise strategy helped country’s friends.

He acted as a courageous spokesman and advocate of the people of Pakistan and Kashmir on Kashmir dispute and also made India acknowledge the dispute. The meeting regretted that in spite of all these historic steps, Nawaz, Shahbaz and their associates were subjected to a deliberate plan of unjust imprisonments and court trials.