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PAF-KIET students take part in SSU’s self-defence programme

By Our Correspondent
November 02, 2020

A self-defence and firearms safety (SDFS) course was conducted at the Special Security Unit (SSU) Headquarters wherein 30 students of the PAF-KIET participated, said Sindh Police Security Division Chief Maqsood Ahmed Memon on Sunday.

He said the purpose of the course was to make students aware of various precautions in case of any emergency or terrorist attack. “During the training, students were briefed about martial arts, firing and the use of different types of weapons,” he said,

Later, the students took part in shooting practice. The students also visited various departments of the SSU headquarters and appreciated the professional standard maintained and efforts to further enhance the capabilities of the SSU commandos.

The course participants, expressing their views, said it was the need of the hour for the students to start a self-defence training. “The SSU has provided us a platform where students can now get self-defence training along with educational activities so that we can save our lives and the lives of other people in case of any emergency,” a student said.

The DIG said the SDFS programme for the college and university students was a social responsibility initiative of the Security & Emergency Services Division of the City Police under the auspices of the Sindh Police Department. “The SDFS programme presents the skills and tools to develop a personal defence plan for each individual. The SDFS instructors assist the students to identify specific threats to safety at home and work, and during travelling.”

He said students learned how to protect themselves in various situations by learning self-defence techniques. “Students are briefed about weapon awareness, security awareness, threat management and survival techniques. Students have a live-fire exercise and are awarded certification after the session is completed.”

The DIG said the goal of the SDFS programme was to provide a practical introduction to firearms through the explanation of gun nomenclature, operation, and fundamental shooting skills. “Students learn personal safety and self-defence techniques as well as safe firearm handling techniques and develop their skills during training, before moving to our state-of-the-art shooting range for a live-fire exercise.”

He said the course provided the basics of martial arts and self-defence techniques that helped students understand and apply it in real life. “The training aims to educate the youth and others in general to combat the nefarious activities of terrorists and non-state elements”