Sunday November 28, 2021

TPL Life Partners with THB Global to introduce Tele-Health Services

September 16, 2020

KARACHI: TPL Life, a leading Insurtech Provider in Pakistan, has partnered with The Health Bank (THB), a Global Health Management Company headquartered in Singapore, offering excellence in healthcare services using technology and innovation. THB provides Virtual Hospital (Home Care and After Care), Telehealth, Wellness and Lifestyle Programs and Chronic Care Management. THB has tailored a complete Health Management Membership solution to introduce an exclusive Virtual Health Platform to its Members, in collaboration with TPL.

Through the strategic partnership, the two companies have introduced ‘Global Care’ in Pakistan, a premium one-stop solution for Health Management and Wellness Services which customers can access easily from anywhere in the world. These services include, 24/7 access to a doctor on call, management of appointments, referrals to physicians and a dedicated Health Manager to assist them through their journey towards wellbeing.

The strategic move is in line with TPL Life’s vision of providing convenient Life and Health Insurance solutions to every customer segment in Pakistan and simplify the process of acquiring and using Life & Health insurance services.***