Thursday November 30, 2023

Multan Malkhana sealed after treasure discovery

By Our Correspondent
August 22, 2020

MULTAN: The City Police have sealed the spot in the Police Malkhana and appointed four policemen for the protection of the spot after noting reports in social media about the presence of some treasure inside Malkhana, officials said.

The city district administration has written two letters to the Punjab Archaeology Department and the Punjab chief secretary to dispatch experts to establish the treasure’s archeological value. The treasure revelation was made when the district administration contractors demolished a portion of Malkhana and dug ground to erect a new building in connection with extension in district courts, lawyers said.

A senior lawyer, Sadaqat Hussein, sitting in a chamber close to Malkhana, said the demolished portion had been closed some eighty years ago. The Police Malkhana had been established there during the English rule. The labourers demolishing the structure claimed to find gold coins and documents from debris.