Sunday December 05, 2021

Sale of animals without corona test, lockdown challenged in LHC

July 30, 2020

LAHORE:Sale of sacrificial animals without coronavirus test and imposition of lockdown on Eidul Azha have been challenged in the Lahore High Court through a writ petition.

A citizen, Khawar Abbas, says in his petition the country’s economy has been suffering loss of billions of dollars and people’s business had ruined due to lockdown. He says lockdown in Punjab is worst of Kashmir, adding in the past federal government has criticised Sindh government’s decision on lockdown and termed it financially harmful for the masses.

He says under a Sharia law, sacrificial animals should essentially be healthy but sacrificial animals are being sold without coronavirus test and SOPs are not being observed in animal markets. He adds that there is no coronavirus pandemic in Punjab but the government was misleading people. He apprehends that a patient suffering from any other disease may be killed under garb of coronavirus. He says it is a petition of urgent nature, raising serious issues and should be heard even on the Eid day, citing Nawaz Sharif’s case which was heard till late at night. He says the government’s notification pertaining to lockdown is ultra vires of article 5, 9, 19-A and should be set aside.