Tuesday November 30, 2021

Grenade hurled at DSP Gulbahar’s office

July 26, 2020

KARACHI: One again the police came under attack in Karachi when on Saturday, the office of the DSP Gulbahar in District Central was attacked by a grenade, which luckily did not explode, though adding to an alarming string of attack against Police and Rangers officers since June 10 which has claimed five lives.

Unidentified motorcyclists threw a hand grenade at the office of the deputy superintendent of police of the Gulbahar in District Central of Karachi but fortunately no loss of life was reported as the explosive device did not detonate. The attack was carried out at around 11:55am when DSP Khalid Javed was present at the office along with others. The office of the DSP Gulbahar is located near the Gujjar Nullah in jurisdiction of Super Market police station. The armed motorcyclist assailants have so far been carried out four similar attacks on the Rangers and police in Karachi since June 10 but the law enforcers failed to make any single arrest.

The attack followed deployment of heavy contingent of the law enforcers including police and Rangers who cordoned off the area and searched for the suspects as well as to inquire about the incident. Though the police have not been able to obtain any CCTV footage of the incident but they suspect that motorcyclists lobbed a hand grenade. Experts from the bomb disposal squad (BD) were also called immediately to defuse the hand grenade. The BD experts and defused it. The BD experts said that there could have been a massive loss of lives if the grenade had exploded as it contained high explosives and a number of policemen were present in the office at that time. The BD department determined the grenade to be “ an American device,” says the BD expert.