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Pandemonium in NA over Uzair Baloch’s JIT report issue

July 14, 2020

ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly erupted with sloganeering after Speaker Asad Qaisar termed behaviour of the PPP parliamentarian Abdul Qadar Patel against ethics while responding to allegations against him as contained in a JIT report.

The speaker order to switch off mike of the opposition member and gave floor to a minister saying that the parliamentarians was not giving personal explanation rather he was delivering a political speech.

The opposition benches echoed with voice of ‘Qadar, Qadar’ which was responded with slogan of ‘Qatil, Qatil’ by the PTI parliamentarians. The speaker directed staff to switch off mike of Abdul Qadar Patel who attempted to read some parts of the JIT report saying that the PPP member should also not speak on the issue if the matter was subjudice. “Switich off his mike,” the speaker directed the assembly staff twice.

The chair gave floor to the minister for food security to move a motion to start debate on agriculture but he had wait for some time waiting members from both sides stop hooting.

As former prime minister Raja Parvaiz Ashraf stood in support of his party colleague, the speaker said that Abdul Qadar Patel’s attitude was against ethics. Saying that in country’s history of 20 to 22 prime minister, he questioned as to which premier used to take most number of U turns. “I will stop exposing incapability and incompetency of the Government,” he said.

Patel said the minister was allowed to raise a matter which was subjudice and he was allowed to complete his statement while levelling allegations against him (Patel). “I am facing such allegations for exposing incompetency of the Government,” he said.

Patel while referring to speech of the Minister for Shipping Ali Zaidi, the PPP member said that unverified allegations were levelled against him on floor of the House. “You allowed the minister to read out allegations against him which had nothing to do with truth,” he said.

Observing that the speaker was custodian of the House, he said he should also be allowed to explain his position. “You should switch off my mike if my deviate from the subject,” he said you will not switch off my mike as usual,” Patel said.

Meanwhile, taking part in debate on agriculture sector, the parliamentarians from sides of the House, demanded of the Government to announce incentives for the growers community and announce proper support price for wheat crop.

Taking part in the debate, Ali Gohar of PML-N said that farmers should be provided with cheap electricity and the government should take strict action against those sugar mills, which have procured sugarcane from farmers, but failed to pay their price. He pointed that electricity tariff which stood at Rs5 per unit has now been increased to Rs11 per unit.

During debate on agriculture, Mohsin Dawar and Raja Riaz of PTI pointed out absence of Federal Secretary for Food Security from the officials’ gallery. Raja Riaz said the chair should adjourn proceedings as protest against attitude of the bureaucracy.

Muhammad Amjad Khan who was presiding over proceedings, called the Secretary Establishment in the Speaker’s Chamber so that presence of concerned secretaries is ensure in the gallery.

Mohsin Dawar observed that there was no use of holding any debate when concerned federal secretaries are not present in the gallery.

Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan also supported point of view of parliamentarians. “As the Minister for Food Security left the house, the Federal Secretary also followed him,” he said.

Nawabzada Iftikhar Ahmed said the government should provide subsidy to farmers on seeds and fertilizers. He said strict action should be taken against elements involved in selling adulterated pesticides.

Malik Nawab Sher Waseer of PTI regretted that wheat was forcibly purchased from farmers for Rs1400 per 40 kilograms and the same was sold to flour mills for Rs1600. The PTI parliamentarian also pointed out that no new variety of seed of wheat has been explored and the farmers were depending on old varieties. “We should also be provided cheap electricity and cheap fertilizers,” he said.

He proposed establishment of an agriculture chamber for the development agriculture sector. He said farmers, agri experts, and other stakeholders should be given representation in the agriculture chamber.

Rao Ajmal Khan of PML-N warned that the wheat crop would be facing severe crisis during the next year if the farmers are not given proper support price. He regretted that the Punjab Seed Corporation is closed for the last 15 years and there has been no research on new seed of wheat during this period. “I beg the rulers to do something for agriculture sector and quit the government,” he said.

The PTI member called for construction of major water reservoirs saying that India so far had constructed 50 dams.

Earlier, initiating debate on agriculture sector, the Minister for National Food Security and Research Syed Fakhar Imam called for use of modern technology in the agriculture sector to enhance per acre production and to boost economy of the country.

He said quality seed of major crops like cotton, wheat, sugarcane and maize should be provided to farmers on subsidized rates to increase crop production. He said the government had approved Rs30 billion ‘Kissan Package’ for farmers which would be announced on August 14.

Aliya Hamza of PTI demanded of the chair to take notice of throwing headphone by a PPP members toward the Minister for Communication, Murad Saeed the other day.

Responding to calling attention notice from Mufti Abdus Shakoor and Maulana Jamaluddin of JUI-F, the Minister for Power Omar Ayub said that electricity infrastructure in ex-Fata was affected due to wave of terrorism and an anti-terror operations there and that was why existing transmission line were unable to take the load.

He told the House that restoration and infrastructure required Rs5 billion out of which Rs3 billion have been restored. He said the provincial government has also allocated Rs220 million for the purpose for the fiscal year 2020-21.