Saturday December 04, 2021

NAB chairman ‘blackmailing’ case adjourned

July 04, 2020

LAHORE: An Accountability Court Friday adjourned a case against alleged fraudsters accused of robbing people and also blackmailing the NAB chairman.

The court adjourned the case until August 19 as the judge concerned was on leave. The main accused in the case, Tayyba Gul and Farooq Nol, didn’t appear before the court due to the Covid-19 situation. The NAB in its reference against them alleged that the group had blackmailed several individuals, including the NAB chief, adding that they defrauded the citizens of over Rs. 24.4 million. The NAB said it had received six complaints against Gul and Nol,and 36 witnesses recorded their statements against them. Previously, both accused had moved acquittal applications before the court and the court sought NAB’s response.