Monday November 29, 2021

Governor Sarwar says Covid-19 mortality rate in Pakistan highest in South Asia

June 06, 2020

LAHORE: Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar has said that people who are not implementing coronavirus SOPs will be strictly punished and the areas where people are not following SOPs will undergo strict lockdown in coming days.

We will not let America and Germany like situation happen in Pakistan. There is no possibility of neglecting coronavirus SOPs even for a single second.

We all will have to play a role in fighting Covid-19 in Pakistan. I am requesting people again and again to follow coronavirus SOPs, stay at home and follow all government precautionary measures in letter and spirit. We will not let families of Covid-19 victims alone in their difficult time. He was addressing media at Governor House here Friday while receiving 100,000-kg flour donation from Muhammad Rafiq of Faisalabad.

The governor said that Coronavirus cases were increasing day by day in Pakistan. Mortality rate in Pakistan is also increasing and it is highest in South Asia. Our virus cases have surpassed China in numbers. We have only single option which is strictly implementing SOPs and we will have no other option than to re-impose lockdown if virus cases surge continues. We can't allow horrific situation like USA and Germany to happen in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, spokesperson for Governor House issued a statement that Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar took stern notice of the case of a woman being harassed by a doctor of Governor House. The doctor has been sacked immediately from Governor House Lahore. He directed CCPO Lahore to proceed as per law and merit. According to spokesperson for Governor House, Ch Sarwar took strict action when this matter came into his knowledge. He has sought a report within 24 hours.