Thursday May 26, 2022

Mindshare Pakistan has built AI-rich Media Planning solutions

February 22, 2019

KARACHI: Using big data, machine learning and cognitive intelligence, Mindshare Pakistan has built AI-rich solutions that have transformed the way Media Planning has been done for ages.

Mindshare Pakistan, a subsidiary of Group M Pakistan, and owned by the Global WPP network, has been in operation in Pakistan since 1999. With an elaborate and wide array of global and local clients, Mindshare is presently the biggest Media Agency of Pakistan.

When it comes to executing innovative ideas, you’d always find Mindshare Pakistan topping the leaderboard. The undisputed leaders of the media world have earned a reputation as the pioneers and trailblazers. As a leader in the industry, Mindshare Pakistan has traditionally strived to take responsibility in pursuing new ventures, in a bid to help build the market towards more optimal solutions.

These innovations have set the bar so high for contemporaries of Mindshare Pakistan. Advances as such are unheard of in the global space let alone within Pakistan. Mindshare with its work has positioned Pakistan as a thought leader globally, earning the company and the country much acclaim.

Commenting on this remarkable feat, Fouad Hussain, CEO GroupM Pakistan, stated: “Innovation is the most integral pillar of our company. We’ve created an ecosystem that enables us to be brave in our choices and as a result GroupM has always managed to stay ahead. With us offering solutions that no other player the industry can even think of. And with this we plan on winning client trust and swelling up our portfolio.”****