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Nothing can match winter delights

January 23, 2019

Islamabad Though low gas pressure and common flue remain the focus of discussion at every household during winter, nothing can match the irresistible delights that winter season offers.

The hot and spicy soap, crispy dry fruit and pink tea with ‘samosa’ and ‘pakora’ could not be more enjoyable as they are during the freezing winter drizzle. The grass covered with frost in the morning is indeed a treat for the eyes. People are found enjoying the sunny days in front of their homes, in parks and even on the medians. The cold wind, quite roads and dry leaves in the evening give a whole new look to the city.

Islamabad winter is indeed a treat, morning walks turn more exciting, as do the evening strolls, birds seem to chirp all the more louder and a trek up the famed Trail III suddenly does : not look as energy-sapping as it usually is in the summer.

Clearly winter also brings with it the good news that there would not be any fat electricity bills being slipped underneath your front door although the load would shift to gas as geysers and heaters are turned on, provided the area is not affected by gas load shedding.

The traditional chicken corn soup on wintry nights and coffee are treats that are synonymous with the season. Be it the posh markets or the low scale ones like Karachi Company and Peshawar Morr, the corner soup and coffee sellers seem to do good business during winter -items that are fancied by all and sundry to keep warm.

Restaurants too see a marked increase in sale of soups as well as coffee. Nasir Ahmed, owner of a leading fast food joint, says these are two of the best sellers every winter as is fish and chips. "Soups and coffee are preferred for they are much cheaper," he said.

Sale of raw fish also looks set to go up with tonnes of Salmon, the all-time favourite being shipped from Karachi to cater for the increased demand in town. "Fish is liked by a vast majority for it tastes great and is good for one's heart," said a salesperson at a fish shop.

Many restaurants are offering fish festivals where one can enjoy different types of fish in variety of tastes. “Fish barbecue is the most demanded item followed by the fish ‘karhai’ and fried fish,” said one waiter at a road side restaurant in F 6. He said that the fish frenzy started in November ad would continue till March.

Indeed winter has brought in plenty of delights – the scent of grilled and fried fish, coffee, potato chips and hot, spicy soups around town making many mouths water. Enjoy!