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Qazi Hussain Ahmad — an embodiment of confidence, grace

January 06, 2017

Naib Ameer JI Pakistan

Qazi Hussain Ahmad was born on 21 Jan, 1938 in a thickly populated village Ziarat Kaka Khel, Tehsil Nowshera of Swabi. His kind father gave him the religious education. He had a great love for the Holy Quran and the Holy Prophet (PBUH). When he was a student, he joined Islami Jammiat Tulba.

This relationship was turned into another relation. He joined JI. He passed his MSc Geography from Peshawar University and started his career as a lecturer in Jahan Zeb College Sedu Sharif, Swat. But only after three years he was declared as a disliked person and was expelled. He joined the business of Pharmacy as a source of income according to his family tradition. He became a member of JI in 1970. Soon he was appointed as an Ameer of Peshawar and then the Amir of the whole province. He participated in the activities of Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry actively and served as a President of the chamber.

He was appointed as a General Secretary of JI in 1978 and served till 1987. In JI an Ameer is always selected by the independent voting of the members. No signs of candidacy at any level could ever be found. Central Shurah has been nominating three names since 1972 to help the members for voting. But members are not bound to these names.

They can vote for anyone, who is more suitable for them. There is no candidate, no heirship, no convincing or will in JI with the grace of Allah.

Leadership is always selected according to the actual democratic rules of Islam. The leadership is changed in a congenial atmosphere. May Allah always keep us on right path. On the occasion of the selection of the Ameer in 1987, three names were suggested. Qazi Hussain Ahmad, Maulana Jan Mohammad Abbasi and I was also included in the list .I was in Cape Town at that time because of the case of Khatam-e-Nabuwat. I was praying continuously for the success of Qazi Sahib. I was informed about his victory when I was still in Cape Town. I thanked Allah Almighty. He was selected as the Ameer of JI in 1987 at the age of 49.

He served JI with great devotion. The movement that was started by Maulana Moudodi and promoted by Mian Mohammad Tufail, was flourished by him. May Allah accept all his efforts and his soul may rest in heaven. I met with him on the occasion of the meeting of Shurah in 1973 for the first time.

I was living in England at that time and was busy in establishing Islamic Foundation. It was our tradition to discuss with each other on different issue late at night. I was invited by Dr Murad Ali Shah to the room of Qazi Hussain Ahmad for exchanging views. We three discussed the conditions in Afghanistan late at night. Qazi Sahib had come after visiting Afghanistan. The youths who were preaching Islam, were being targeted since the government of Zahir Shah. Socialists and nationalists were also playing their game. But the situation became worse in the rule of Daood. Qazi Sahib briefed me about that region in detail for the first time. This briefing covered several hours.

His complete awareness of the circumstances of Afghanistan and his deep relation with its people is matchless. I had the honour of participation in all affairs related to Afghan jihad with him. In 1993 being a part of the commission for removing the differences between Afghan mujahidin, I also spent one month in Afghanistan with him. I also had the honour to work out partially for the proposed constitutional map that was based on Medina Treaty. The role that Islamic movement played in Afghanistan for 40 years and its impacts on regional and international affairs; everything was made possible because of the vital role that was played by Qazi Hussain Ahmad in this connection. He was quite disturbed on the prevailing conditions in Afghanistan before his death. He wanted to solve the problems. He preferred a solution for Afghanistan, which was proposed by Afghans in spite of a suicide attack on him.

He desired to unite Pakistan and Afghanistan. The team of JI that negotiated with President Karzai in 2012 was apparently headed by me. But in fact we were trying to solve the issues keeping in view his vision. His real loyalty was with Allah and the Holy Prophet (PBUH). He considered the resurrection or restoration of Muslim Ummah as his mission because of this love. That’s why he intentionally adopted this way. Allama Iqbal and Maulana Moudodi led us to it and they believe in this line of action.

Qazi Sahib was a true Muslim, obedient to Allah Almighty, faithful to the Holy Prophet, well-wisher of Muslim Ummah, a sincere worker of Islamic movement, an untiring Mujahid and a real defender of Pakistan. He not only adopted the message of Allah as his mission in his boyhood but also made it a part of his life in his youth. He spent all his energy on this mission at every stage of his life. He faced every challenge for his mission. He sacrificed a lot for this purpose. He served Islamic movement and Ummah till the end of his life. This great personality of Muslims passed away on 6 Jan, 2013. May his soul rest in peace. Ameen.