• The City School hosts educational expo

      November 17, 2016
      Print : Islamabad


      The City School (Northern region) hosted annual College Night Educational Expo at the Capital Campus here.

      Over 30 international and local universities and educational entities including Forman Christian College, Greenwich University, ABN Overseas Education, and Skyline University College supported College Night 2016 that aims to bridge a critical gap between Pakistani students' academic aspirations and their pursuit of higher education.

      Attendees included representatives from the academia, media and government sector including distinguished guests such as Executive President CLTAP Zhang Daojion, diplomat Fauzia Nasreen, Head of Centre of Policy Studies Comsats Naeem Siddiqui, Director General of National Vocational and Technical Training Commission Zubair Hashmi and President of the Pakistan Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Asif Noor.

      Guest speakers including human rights activist Ahmed Bilal Soofi, TCS alumni Farhan Rafi and Bakht Jamshed, and motivational speaker Munnaza Batool shared their insights in order to encourage students towards pursuing a diversified and exhilarating career path.

      College Night 2016 provided an opportunity for the capital’s students and parents’ community to engage in discussions regarding local and international higher education university programs, admissions criteria and available scholarship opportunities. The event was inaugurated by Member of the National Assembly Dr. Tariq Fazal Chaudhary. He suggested that Pakistani schools must strive to compete with the international education sector by integrating best practices, introducing multi-disciplinary taught programs and promoting dynamism in knowledge and research.

      On the occasion Regional Director TCS Shireen Jawaid stated, “The City School (TCS) aims to connect students with international and local universities, proving young learners an opportunity to follow their future academic pursuits. This is a networking platform for our students to form connections and become more aware of available academic opportunities. College Night 2016 also encourages students’ active participation in extra-curricular activities so that they can achieve a well-rounded profile which is an essential requirement alongside outstanding academic results for university admissions!”

      The high point of the evening was a ‘Trends of Time’ theme-based fashion show organized by the students and judged by several prominent designers such as Chief Executive Officer KARMA Saad Ali, Sana Zahid, Mahjabeen Atif and Sonia Salman who applauded the students on their enthusiasm on the catwalk.

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