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‘Under the dust’: Sculptures that remind us of Balochistan’s pain

By Umer Sheikh
August 17, 2016

In the wake of the bomb blast in Quetta on August 8 that claimed around 80 lives and injured several others, the Sanat Art Gallery has organised an exhibition titled “Under the Dust” showcasing the work of renowned contemporary artist Saud Baloch.

Even in the month of independence where everything seems to be green we observed a black day.

Baloch’s artwork is a living picture of the current scenario of the country, Balochistan in particular.

It is a matter of prime consideration that only few cities are the centre of vital attention of the regularity authorities and the government, while the rest of them are neglected.

There are incalculable stories of oppression and tyranny which Baloch has tried to reveal through his brilliant skills of sculpturing.

“For a long time I have watched this discrimination and deprivation and as an artist I feel compelled to condemn them,” said Baloch.  

To show the frailty of a mortal being, he composed a sculpture of a human body without hands.

The notion of being powerlessness has been highlighted by him in a breathtaking manner. “Sculptures has become quite a common art form now, but Saud Baloch has sent a very powerful message through them,” said an art enthusiast at the gallery.

To distract ourselves from reality we create delusional spheres around us and try not to come out of them but Baloch has refused to be a part of such illusions and compelled us to think over the subjects we choose to ignore.

One of his pieces is an utter depiction of a famous quote of Christopher Poindexter; “We all are at times a little dead inside”.

He has pruned a human head on the top of the porous stone. The deliberate use of a stone interprets the state of dead, ignorance and bewilderment we live in.

“We all have hibernated ourselves below the ground to avoid the outer storm but Baloch hasn’t,” said Abid Merchant, the cofounder and director of the Sanat Gallery.

The artist has encountered a number of realities with their extrinsic complexities which is evident in his work, to highlight the controversy of missing persons in Balochistan he had used the minute ‘sacks’ to draw images,  which clearly delivers his  desired message.  The exhibition will continue till August 26.