Wednesday July 17, 2024

Police accused of covering up 16-year-old girl’s ‘murder’ in DHA

By Faraz Khan
May 20, 2024
This image shows Karachi Police personnel and commandos standing guard on November 29, 2023. — Facebook/Karachi Police - KPO
This image shows Karachi Police personnel and commandos standing guard on November 29, 2023. — Facebook/Karachi Police - KPO

The family of a 16-year-old domestic worker who was found dead at a DHA bungalow a week ago marched from Kala Pul to the Sindh Governor House on Sunday shouting slogans, then held a sit-in outside the Karachi Press Club.

They claimed that Pariya, alias Maria, was murdered but the police are trying to cover it up by portraying the incident as a suicide. Home Minister Ziaul Hassan has also taken notice of the incident.

2The girl’s family demanded arresting her alleged murderers. Pariya’s father Heera had filed a murder case at the Darakhshan police station, pointing fingers at the bungalow’s owners and another worker.

The protesters claimed that the police are trying to protect the “murderers”. The cause of Pariya’s death is yet to be determined. Her post-mortem examination report will be released upon the arrival of the chemical examination report.

“My daughter was murdered,” said Heera. “The bungalow owners are involved in my daughter’s murder. I demand justice from the Sindh government and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.”

The family claimed that the police are trying to portray the incident as suicide. They said the suspects have been released on bail, and “the police are supporting Pariya’s murderers”.

The home minister expressed sorrow over the incident, and sought a thorough inquiry report from the South Zone police chief. He also sought a detailed progress report on the case investigation.

The girl’s body had been found at a bungalow on Khayaban-e-Bukhari in DHA Phase VI on May 12. According to the District South police spokesperson, the Darakhshan police had promptly registered a case based on the family’s complaint.

The spokesperson said the police had collected all the evidence from the scene, and had sent the girl’s body for a post-mortem examination, adding that bungalow owner Dr Shehroze, his father Inayat and their cook Ghulam Muhammad had been nominated as suspects.

The spokesperson also said that the girl’s DNA samples had been collected and sent for testing, but the report was yet to be received, adding that all the named suspects were made part of the investigation, although Dr Shehroze had secured bail. The final autopsy and DNA reports are awaited, concluded the spokesperson.