Thursday November 30, 2023

May 9 riots: PTI rejects inclusion of new sections in cases against Imran, workers

By Our Correspondent
September 22, 2023

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Thursday rejected the inclusion of new sections of inciting rebellion in May 9 cases against the party Chairman Imran Khan and workers.

“Levelling serious charges such as inciting rebellion against the PTI head and workers of the country’s largest party is the worst attempt to target the party with extra-legal vengeance,” PTI spokesman said here. He noted the ongoing illegal actions against PTI under the garb of May 9 are making clear the nefarious objectives of the minus Imran Khan and PTI from politics.

“More than 180 false cases have been registered against PTI Chairman Imran Khan under a well-thought-out plan,” he regretted.

Imran Khan, he pointed out, stood in the Supreme Court and strongly condemned the May 9 arson incidents, which the Supreme Court made part of its decision. He said PTI chairman has demanded a high-level judicial inquiry into the May 9 incidents: The addition of new sections in the May 9 cases is an attempt to save the real culprits involved in these incidents.

PTI spokesman maintained that the Supreme Court should take notice of the inclusion of serious sections like sedition in politically motivated cases against PTI. “Action should be taken against police officers and other prosecution officials involved in this criminal use of the law. And, a high-level judicial inquiry should be conducted in the light of Imran Khan’s demand to determine the true role of the May 9 incidents,” he contended.