Thursday November 30, 2023

UAE awards Pak social media influencer Golden Visa

Love Khaani has built a strong following through her work on social media in the United Arab Emirates

June 24, 2023
Fizza Khan. — provided by reporter
Fizza Khan. — provided by reporter

DUBAI: Dubai authorities have granted Fizza Khan, also known as Love Khaani, a famous social media influencer from Pakistan, a golden visa in recognition of her exceptional abilities and dedication.

Love Khaani has built a strong following through her work on social media in the United Arab Emirates and is the first Pakistani social media influencer to receive the UAE Gold Visa. Golden Visa is a ten-year residence visa that is granted to individuals who have rendered outstanding service and have extraordinary abilities in the UAE.

This long-term residency visa provides holders with greater stability and opportunity to continue developing their talents and contributing to the growth of the UAE. Love Khaani has a massive following of over five million fans on TikTok, as well as over two million followers across other social media platforms.

When asked by The News about her journey to becoming a social media influencer, Fiza Khan explained that she used to work for an airline in the UAE but lost her job due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Prior to her unemployment, Love Khaani had the opportunity to travel to various countries through her airline job.

During her travels, she created numerous videos capturing her experiences as a traveller and shared them on TikTok during the pandemic. These videos quickly gained popularity, and Love Khaani went on to become a well-known and successful social media influencer in the UAE and beyond. Love Khaani shared that she is the daughter of a bus driver, who lived alone in the UAE for decades, providing facilities for his family back in Pakistan. She advised people never to lose hope and to always work hard, despite the challenges they may face. Reflecting on her own journey, Love Khaani spoke about how difficult it was for her to even obtain a tourist visa for Dubai 10 years ago. However, she persevered and worked hard, ultimately earning the prestigious UAE Gold Visa. She expressed her gratitude to Dubai and the UAE for providing her with the opportunities and for granting her the chance to continue her work as a social media influencer. Finally, Love Khaani lauded the UAE and its leadership for creating a supportive and nurturing environment for individuals to achieve their dreams. She thanked Dubai and the UAE for their support, saying that she will continue to work hard and honour the country that has given her so much.