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KU approves posthumous award of MPhil degree to dermatologist

By Syed Muhammad Askari
June 01, 2023

The University of Karachi has approved the award of an MPhil degree in Chemistry posthumously for renowned dermatologist Syed Tanveer Haider.The approval was accorded by the university's Board of Advanced Studies under the chairmanship of Vice Chancellor Dr Khalid Iraqi. Dr Anila Amber Malik, convener of MPhil/PhD admissions, told The News on Wednesday that a request was made by the chairperson of the Chemistry Department, Dr Hajra, and her teachers that the deceased was a very intelligent and active student.

Haider had submitted his thesis on MPhil, the report of which was declared positive by the experts. His oral exam (viva) was left, but due to sudden cardiac arrest, he passed away. Therefore, it was requested that declaring him exempted from the oral examination, the MPhil certificate should be issued, a request which was approved by the vice-chancellor.Dr Hajra said Syed Tanveer Haider was 50 years old and had done his MD in Dermatology from abroad. She said Haider was a famous dermatologist who was researching on "skin particles" and this was also the topic of his MPhil thesis.

His thesis had been submitted and the opinion of the experts had also come and only the oral examination remained but he died suddenly. In view of his family's desire for the MPhil degree for the deceased, a request was made to the department, and it was forwarded by the teachers of the department. Dr Hajra said the credit for this goes to Vice Chancellor Dr Khalid Iraqi, under whose chairmanship a meeting awarded the late researchers an MPhil certificate and set a fine example for the university.