Monday March 27, 2023

Liquor recovered from two ‘employees of Pervaiz Elahi’

January 29, 2023

ISLAMABAD: The police have arrested two persons when they were coming out of the Punjab House and recovered three bottles of liquor.

The Secretariat Police have registered the first information report (FIR) under Section 4 of Prohibition Ordination against the two accused, who police claim are personal employees of the former Punjab chief minister Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi.

The suspects, later in their statement recorded by police under Section 164 CrPC, confessed to the crime.

The suspects have been identified as Mohammad Zaman and Mohammad Ajmal. Both are residents of Nutt House, Gujrat, police said. Zaman, in the statement, said, “I am working for Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi for the last 10 years. I hail from Gujrat and work for Pervaiz Elahi as his gunman. On January 26, Chaudhry Sahib called me at 12 noon and asked me to come to his house in Lahore. He handed me a bag full of cash and asked me to take that to Punjab House, Islamabad, and hand it over to Faheem, an employee of the Punjab House, and bring another bag back to Lahore.” He added that he was asked to deliver the bag containing three liquor bottles to Pervaiz Elahi. Zaman said he knew that Pervaiz Elahi employed Faheem recently to deal with monetary issues. He claimed in his statement that Faheem was also responsible for arranging private parties for Chaudhry Sahib.

“Another person Asim Cheema, who is an officer in the Punjab Assembly, Lahore, takes care of such affairs,” he said, adding that he was arranging liquor for the parties for the last 10 years. The other accused arrested by the Islamabad police, Ajmal, also recorded 5-page statement under 164 CrPC. Islamabad Police IG Dr Akbar Nasir, when contacted, said, “The police are investigating the case and aspects other than their statements could not be ruled out.”