Wednesday March 22, 2023

Protest staged against lawlessness, price-hike in Takhtbhai

January 15, 2023

TAKHTBHAI: The local residents, political activists and traders’ leaders staged a protest sit-in against the prevailing price-hike, flour crisis, gas and electricity loadshedding and blocked Takkar Chowk for all kinds of vehicular traffic.

The protesters also chanted slogans against the worsening law and situation and asked Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf-led Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to quit if it cannot

control the skyrocketing prices of essential items and restore last peace in the province.

The local residents and activists and workers of the Markazi Anjuman-e-Tajiran, Tanzim-e-Tajiran and Tehrik Tahaffuz-e-Takhtbhai and almost all the political parties participated in the protest sit-in

Speaking on the occasion, Awami National Party former lawmaker Nawabzada Sher Afghan Khan, Farooq Akram Khan, Malgari Wakilan president Malik Saifulklah Khan and others said that people were experiencing

worst kind of gas and electricity loadshedding besides price-hike of essential items and wheat flour crisis.

They criticised the government and officials of the local administration for their failure to control the unprecedented price-hike, flour shortage, militancy and gas and electricity loadshedding in Takhtbhai and adjoining areas.

They also condemned the closure of CNG stations, saying the rulers had snatched the morsel from the poor people by closing the filling stations despite huge reserves of gas in the province.

They threatened to stage a protest sit-in for an indefinite period on the Mardan-Malakand road against the issues being confronted by the people.

The speakers alleged that provincial food minister had received millions of rupees of kickbacks in the flour crisis.

They said that the PTI was collapsing due its flawed polices and soon the people would send the rulers home.