Saturday February 04, 2023

Imran not a democrat, says Kaira

By Our Correspondent
November 29, 2022

LALAMUSA: Advisor to Prime Minister on Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan Qamar Zaman Kaira has said Imran Khan used to “torture us daily during his tenure and today if one of his senators is arrested, he says it is an attack on democracy”.

He expressed these views while addressing the inaugural ceremony of a road [GT Road via Paswal to Kotla Sarang and Dhama Level Crossing Lalamusa to Paswal] at Paswal on Monday. “When false cases were being made against us, was democracy not threatened at that time? Imran is not a democrat. All parties except the PTI agree that the army should not interfere in politics. It has been our struggle till date that the institutions should not interfere in the democratic process. How can the army bring Imran back to government now? Imran, during his rally in Rawalpindi, said he held the rally in Rawalpindi to pressure the army. Under which law Imran is forcing the army? Imran has a habit of walking on scaffolding, he should come to the field, what is he afraid of?” he said, adding that Imran said that he wanted elections because the PDM government had made the situation of the country worse.

“It is a fact that inflation increased in our government, but still Imran should think before blaming us. He says Pakistan’s debts increased during previous tenures of our government, but he imposed a debt of Rs 11,000 billion on Pakistan in his four years. I have never seen such a blatant liar in my life. He does not hesitate to lie anywhere. He says that taking U-turns is his perfection. Whenever Imran talked about early elections, we told him that he was not sincere in his words and if he wanted to add weight to his words, he should come out of assemblies,’ Kaira said. He recalled that after putting his opponents in jails, Imran used to call jailers, telling them that he wanted to hear their screams.