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FC man martyred in attack from across border Chaman crossing closed

By News Report
November 14, 2022
FC personnel aboard a vehicle patrol an area. — AFP/file
FC personnel aboard a vehicle patrol an area. — AFP/file

QUETTA: One Frontier Corps personnel was martyred and two got injured in firing from the Afghan side at the Chaman border.

After the firing incident, gunfire was exchanged between Taliban forces and the Pakistani military at the Spin Boldak-Chaman crossing, resulting in chaos among passers-by.

The clash took place early on Sunday and resulted in the closure of the border crossing, according to officials from each country. Thousands of people travel though the crossing daily, making it a main trading point.

Later a flag meeting took place between the authorities of both the countries and it was announced that the crossing will remain closed till the culprits of the firing are not handed over to Pakistan.Afghan authorities say the attacker were in guise of Taliban and an operation has been launched to look for him.