Mango Creme Brulee

By you desk
Tue, 06, 19

‘Creme Brulee’ is a French dessert that literally translates to ‘burnt cream’....


‘Creme Brulee’ is a French dessert that literally translates to ‘burnt cream’. But, don’t be put off by that, the actual dessert is much more appealing than the translation sounds. Since mango season is here; an easy, bright and fresh mango custard topped with a crisp caramelised sugar crust is perfect for dessert. This week You! shares a delicious recipe of ‘Mango Creme Brulee’ by Karachi’s Marriot Hotel Executive Pastry Chef Philippe from Germany. Happy cooking!


Sugar 100g

Heavy cream 500 g

Eggs Yolks 8 pcs (195g)

Gelatine leaves 4 (10g)

Mango Puree 150g


  • Soak the gelatine and leave it in cold water.
  • Boil the heavy cream and mango puree.
  • Pour the sugar on eggs yolks and beat it with a whisk until it becomes soft yellow.
  • Pour into the boil cream and cook it until 83 Celsius.
  • Strain the gelatine and add it to the mixture, and mix well.
  • Pour it in some ramekins and keep in the fridge for 3 hours.
  • Decorate the top with dices or thin slices of mangoes

This recipe makes 8 portions.