Vahaj Hanif

By Asif Khan
Tue, 06, 19

They opened a concert for Atif Aslam. In a candid interview with You! Vahaj talks about his musical journey...

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“Music is my passion, something that I feel I am strongly connected and obsessed with,” shares Vahaj Hanif, an upcoming singer. This computer engineer from NED University started his musical career by singing vintage hits of several singers and soon carved his own niche. Later his guitarist friend Abual Sami also joined him in his voyage and together the two started releasing covers on YouTube which brought them fame. With YouTube subscription exceeding one hundred thousand subscribers, Vahaj is fast becoming popular on social media. Today they are sharing the stage with legends like Umair Jaswal, Ali Zafar, Falak Shabir and recently, they opened a concert for Atif Aslam. In a candid interview with You! Vahaj talks about his musical journey...

What does singing mean to you?

For me, singing is like connecting with people. When I sing my heart out and people around me start humming along, there is no such feeling like that in the world.

What particular style do you want to follow in music?

I don’t want myself to be restricted to any specific genre as I believe in trying out new tangents to reach out my fans.

Which track brought the real recognition for you?

It was ‘Aay khuda’ which attained roaring success overnight.

Which cover of yours got maximum views at YouTube?

Many but it was ‘Naina’ that enjoys 253,973 views alone and the numbers are still growing.

Has your family been supportive throughout your journey as a singer?

I couldn’t have made this much without the prayers and support of my family.

Any memorable moments from your concerts?

Every moment becomes worth celebrating when we perform alongside the legends who we have grown up listening to. I have been lucky to share the stage with country’s most outstanding singers like Ali Zafar, Umair Jaswal, Falak Shabir and many more. I also collaborated with Momina Mustahsen and rendered ‘Awari’.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I got serious about my stage performances after being inspired by Atif Aslam. His onstage energy, flawless singing, command over his craft and his connectivity with the audience and fellow musicians - everything about this legend is truly inspirational.

What has been the best moment of your life?

The current year is the best so far as it made my dream come true when I was offered a show with my real idol in life, Atif Aslam. There couldn’t be any other big thing for me, sharing the stage with a living legend like him. I can’t thank God enough for offering me this experience of a life time.

Did you get any career advice from your idol?

It was really very nice of him to appreciate my work. He advised me to keep working hard and when he told me that he liked my cover “Dekhte dekhte”, I felt very happy.

Recently you released your original ditty ‘Yun nazar ata hon’, how has the response been so far?

This is an emotional number, inspired from the life of a friend. Though the idea and theme of the song took almost eight months to evolve, but it was composed in one day by myself, while lyrics were penned down by my friend Imamuddin and video was produced by Himansho Parik in India.

What surprises do you have ahead for your listeners?

I am now working on a Punjabi song ‘Tennu lay ke’, which is also produced in India.