Usama Khan

By Asif Khan
Tue, 03, 19

Since his college days, Usama Khan wanted to step into the world of showbiz but didn’t know where to begin from.....

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Since his college days, Usama Khan wanted to step into the world of showbiz but didn’t know where to begin from. Harbouring his dream, he went on to finish his ACCA and worked at regular 9-to-5s for an audit firm, bank and a corporate company, while looking for opportunities. Fortunately for him, he finally found a way, “In mid 2017, by a sheer stroke of luck, I met renowned writer Suraj Baba who encouraged and guided me. Through his support, I got a small scene in a PTV play which helped me jumpstart my acting career,” tells Usama. He debuted with drama ‘Rasmain’ and was then casted by Hassan Somro in ‘Bari Phupho’ where he shared the screen with senior artists including veteran actress Sangeeta. The rising star then went on to star in telefilms like ‘Ustani Jee’ and ‘Gori Ki Dukaan’. Besides acting, the actor has been featured in notable ads including Jazz, Silk Bank, Bold and Nestle. Nowadays, Usama is seen in the drama ‘Sanwari’, and will be soon seen in upcoming serials like ‘Bezuban’. Let’s get to know more about this upcoming star...

You! Your claim to fame project:


You! Who are your biggest assets?

Family members.

You! You wish you could...

Wake up early. (haha)

You! What is your biggest strength?

I am able to control my mood swings and I make quick decisions.

You! Something you are strongly possessive about...

My family.

You! What do you prefer when you are feeling low?

Talk to the people close to me.

You! Do you have any regrets?

No, I learn from my mistakes and try to forget the negativity in my life.

You! What’s your worst nightmare?

Getting old.

You! If you aren’t doing what you are doing today, you would be?

A pilot.

You! What’s something that you would like to remember?

My childhood and all the struggles I made.

You! What’s the one thing you dislike about yourself?

I get lazy sometimes.

You! What’s the one thing you like about yourself?

I don’t fight with people and I don’t hold grudges.

You! Your definition of love...

Care and loyalty.

You! What interests you the most?

I like Urdu poetry and have a good collection of it as well. Unfortunately, I am unable to remember any. (Haha)

You! What bores you the most?

Political discussion with baseless facts and reasons.

You! What turns you on?


You! What do you usually wear in daily life?

Jeans and tee.

You! What scares you the most?

Losing my friends.

You! What’s the biggest misconception about you?

That I have an attitude when I am just quiet.

You! Among your friends you are known as...

Caring, loving and supportive.

You! What is your advice for aspiring artists?

Struggle painstakingly. Don’t give up and don’t choose any shortcut. Everything isn’t easy but not impossible, so wait for your time and keep moving forward.

You! The most unforgettable moment of your life...

When my ex left me after seven long years, telling me that I wasn’t beautiful. (haha)

You! Any message for the readers...

Be polite and positive when discussing issues with other people.

Text & Photography by Asif Khan