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Fri, 05, 22

Why we did not ask for greetings this time. Hope you understand !



Dear Ed,

I was disappointed to that there was nothing related to Eid in the issues of 29 April and 6 May. Did you forget about Eid while making the magazine? I event sent a ‘greeting’ because you always carry greeting in Eid issues. I waited for it on 29 April, and then again was disappointed not to see the ‘Greetings’ page in 6 may issue. Can you tell the readers why?

Ayaz Salman, Lahore

Eid fell on 3 May, so 29 April was too early for the Eid edition and 6 May was a bit late, too. That’s why we did not ask for greetings this time. Hope you understand!


Hi Ed

I am so glad that Gohar’s wedding is finally over (The Eid Engagement and other Weddings 34th episode, 6 May)! It was too much: shopping, salon, mehndi, dances. In the end I felt rather dizzy. One thing I didn’t understand, though; why was Sameer not invited along with his parents? He is the son-in-law to-be, and his parents also deserved some respect from the family of their daughter-in-law to be. But, good to see Hina in action straight away after the wedding. Going good, Iqra!

Saman Ali, Rawalpindi

Hi Ed,

I have loved the back to back episodes of ‘Diaries from a Small Island. Also, I enjoy ‘Poets’ Corner’ and ‘Comic Relief’. I would like to see more celeb interviews, too. I remember this one section long ago – Cyberia, and wonder why it was discontinued. It was quite useful and I would like to see it back.

Saqib Khan, Karachi

Wall chalking - an important issue

There is a flood of wall chalking in Pakistan in all cities. Useless commodities and even superstitious beliefs are promoted through wall chalking. A few days ago, when I passed Shahdara, I saw something written on every wall. The thing that struck me was that the instruction to not write on the wall was also written on the wall! So, concerned authorities should take notice and try to curb wall chalking by imposing fines or even punishments.

Aswah, Lahore



Narrated Al-Bara’ bin ‘Azib (R.A):

Allah’s Apostle (S.A.W) ordered us to do seven things and forbade us to do other seven. He ordered us: to follow the funeral procession, to visit the sick, to accept invitations, to help the oppressed, to fulfill the oaths, to return the greeting and to reply to the sneezer: (saying, “May Allah be merciful on you,” provided the sneezer says, “All the praises are for Allah,”). He forbade us to use silver utensils and dishes and to wear golden rings, silk (clothes), Dibaj (pure silk cloth), Qissi and Istabraq (two kinds of silk cloths).

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 2, Book 23, Number 331


Lubna Khalid


Shermeen Zuberi

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