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Coldplay’s latest video features taxi art by Pakistani artist Samya Arif

Instep Today
By Buraq Shabbir
Mon, 02, 16

Samiya Arif’s designed taxi was selected out of two cabs shortlisted for Coldplay’s music video.

The creative collaboration between art and music allows artists to showcase their talent internationally.

An interesting addition to the list of Pakistani artists who have been recognized internationally for their artwork is local designer Samya Arif, whose taxi art is featured in multiple snippets across Coldplay’s latest music video ‘Hymn For The Weekend’ from their seventh album. The music video features Chris Martin seated at the back of the taxi that features gorgeous artwork by Samya Arif.

Initially, Arif designed the taxi as part of Taxi Fabric’s Independence Day project in August last year. Taxi Fabric is an initiative by Sanket Avlani aimed at transforming the interiors of Mumbai’s black and yellow taxis in collaboration with young creative artists. Arif was approached by them to design their ninth taxi in the series. Featuring two women facing each other, Arif’s taxi design highlights commonalities between Pakistan and India and represents that connection beautifully.

“It feels amazing. I didn’t really expect that my taxi art would be featured in Coldplay’s video,” Arif expressed her gratitude in a quick conversation with Instep. “Sanket contacted me 3-4 months back and told me about Coldplay’s interest in shooting the video in Mumbai and using their taxi designs. Out of the two designs that he shared with them - the other one from an Indian designer – they ended up using mine.”

Arif told Instep that she used to be a huge fan of the band and fell in love with their second studio album when she was  in her A’ levels. “I still like Coldplay but have not been actively listening to them for quite some time now,” she added.

As for upcoming projects, Arif said that currently she is working on a variety of projects including one for the US Embassy for which she will be designing “a book bus which is going to be selling and lending out books” in Kathmandu, Nepal.

“I am also making illustrations for a female poet in Lahore for her upcoming book,” revealed Arif.

Speaking on the growing collaboration between art and music, the 29-year-old designer said, “It is very exciting for us. We feel like we are the ones doing it. International organizations are showing their interest in our work and this provides us with ways to take part in international projects.”

Coldplay’s new video also features Beyonce and Bollywood fashion icon Sonam Kapoor.