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SomeWhatSuper and Abbas Ali Khan join forces for ‘Jala Sitara’

Instep Today
By Maheen Sabeeh
Wed, 12, 19

The year 2019 brought many terrific songs, in not just some films but across independent music and even in branded music shows. It may mean often great songs get missed. One such effort is ‘Jala Sitara’ from the EDM duo behind ‘The Sibbi Song’ by Abid Brohi, SomeWhatSuper and singer, songwriter and producer Abbas Ali Khan. 

The result is pretty cool. Initially, it reminds you of Nazia and Zoheb Hassan before SomeWhatSuper switch the beats without going overboard and soon enough, Abbas returns to the original sound with its original beat before the secondary, playful beat comes along. SomeWhatSuper’s strength in this song is not what they showcase but how they hold back to create a lasting, fun and memorable love song featuring the fantastic Abbas Ali Khan. The song is accompanied by a music video that complements the song and is animated fun. Released several months ago, this song is right up there with ‘Bandook’ and ‘The Sibbi Song’ because it is what original EDM in Pakistan can sound like. It has the power to appeal to people and it is no wonder that SomeWhatSuper has grown into such a strong entity. If they keep this up, they may soon become the no #1 act in the country when it comes to EDM and collaborating with other artists. Listen to this song; highly recommended.