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Ali Noor to recuperate in Islamabad

Instep Today
By Maheen Sabeeh
Fri, 07, 19

Singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer, Ali Noor from Noori, who was working on his debut solo album this year, was recently hospitalized from a case of Hepatitis A, which was mismanaged and made his condition worse. At that point, according to brother-musician Ali Hamza, Ali Noor may have needed a transplant.

Thankfully and with the prayers of millions of fans, Ali Noor no longer needs a transplant of any sort. As Ali Noor himself confirmed to Instep, he will be recuperating in Islamabad and taking it easy for the next couple of weeks, resting in the capital city.

Ali Noor shot to fame with the track, ‘Manwa Re’ and became a rage with fans as Noori, including Ali Hamza, released their debut album, Suno Key Main Hoon Jawan. The band followed it up with 2006’s Peeli Patti Aur Raja Jaani Ki Gol Dunya and the LSA winning Begum Gul Bakoli Sarfarosh. While Noori is indeed on a hiatus, Noor was working on his debut solo album with a concert held in Lahore recently. But the album will now have to wait as Noor’s health is far more important.

Noori was the voice of noughties generation with three albums, a number of glorious Coke Studio performances and Indo-Pak collaborations to their name. Here’s hoping Ali Noor recovers sooner than later.