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Comedy Masala: High energy, super spicy

Instep Today
By Amina Baig
Thu, 11, 18

Take three standup comics from various countries, send to Pakistan; mix well.

What’s a great way to shake off the week’s blues? Say ‘TGIF!’ to everyone like it’s 1999, shut your laptop, part with your beloved cat or child for a couple hours, and go see four guys say some of the most NSFW things you’ve heard all year – perhaps all your life – onstage for 90 minutes.

Comedy Masala International brings together stand-up comedians from all over the world on the Pakistani stage and this edition of the show did not disappoint.

The lineup included Jonny Loquasto and Kermet Apio from the U.S., and Kavin Jay from Malaysia. Umar Rana, who hosted the show got the audience laughter-ready, and kept the energy high between routines.

Kavin Jay, Indian-Malaysian, brought that certain flavor of familiarity with his routine. After all, who doesn’t love desi parents jokes, especially desis? Toss in a jibe at Memons, misadventures in porn-watching and some real adolescent uncertainty, and you’ve got a Pakistani-crowd pleaser.

Then we had some straight up American humor but for comedian Jonny Loquasto. He got a little politically incorrect, and took a look at the Mars-Venus dynamic between men and women, and had the audience laugh at his tiny neuroses and bigger concerns.

Kermet Apio closed the show – he had some pretty keen observations packaged in bright humor and great lines. For anyone with kids, he will have you rolling in the aisles, just a little bit. For anyone who has ever hit the lowest lows, you will understand what the guy’s talking about.

The show ran in Karachi for three nights, with six shows in all. Comedy Masala will be back end of November, so if you missed it this time, try and catch a show and laugh your way into December.