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Sanam Saeed and Mohib Mirza starrer Deedan is a unique tale

Instep Today
By Buraq Shabbir
Tue, 09, 18

Director Amin Iqbal speaks to Instep about the theme of the upcoming drama and how it will contribute to television in Pakistan.

We are all eyes and ears for TV projects that attempt to break away from clichéd narratives and characters and bring something unique to the table. The most recent addition to the list is the upcoming Sanam Saeed and Mohib Mirza starrer Deedan that will go on air later this month.

The recently released posters and bts images that feature Sanam and Mohib (who earlier worked together in Bachaana) look intense. Set in northern areas, the drama has been directed by Amin Iqbal, who is known for plays like Thakan and Teri Raah Main Rul Gai.

Instep got in touch with him to know more about Deedan that has been written by Attiya Dawood and features Minsa Malik, Huma Nawab, Laila Zuberi and others. He shared that a few days before he began working on this drama, he came across a book published by a woman in England that follows the lives of women across the globe (England, Jodhpur, Africa, Brazil, etc.).

“I saw a similarity in the stories of all these women and that was, they are living for someone else’s happiness and desires,” the director noted. “Society is quick to punish women but it doesn’t give them their due rights and Deedan is the story of one such woman based in a particular environment. Resham (Sanam) and Zardaab (Mohib) go through certain trials in search of their happiness and what they truly deserve.”

He also confessed that he had been thinking to do something out of the box for sometime but a lot of production houses weren’t willing to take up such stories due to ratings that have a serious influence on ideas and creativity. “Fortunately, it’s not the same anymore given that the audience wants to watch something good and not just suppressed women onscreen,” he explained, adding that he was finally able to do it.

Reflecting on casting Mohib Mirza, who has worked with him on two serials before and Sanam Saeed, whom he is working for the first time, the director informed, “I like Mohib as an actor because he is one of the very few actors who know their job and being an intelligent artist, he also comes up with innovative ideas on set. As for Sanam, I always wanted to work with her but I could never come up with a challenging role for her. Since she has come from the world of theatre, she was suited for the role as it required her to make use of her body language and facial expressions the way a theatre artist does.”

When asked how the drama would contribute to television in Pakistan, Amin Iqbal responded that with all the dramas he has written and directed so far, he aimed to bring a positive change in society and always refused to do projects that would generate ratings but had nothing substantial to offer

“I have tried to convey a lot of important themes through Deedan and I wish it leaves some impact and resonates well with viewers,” he concluded.

We have high hopes from the drama, given the powerhouse actors and a credible director associated with it. Fingers crossed!