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Junaid Khan talks about acting and how he selects roles

Instep Today
Mon, 03, 18

Singer turned actor Junaid Khan, who released a music video with his band Call on Pakistan Day, is appearing in multiple TV projects and has proven with time that he is a versatile actor.

With three of his plays Silsilay, Aadat and Ishq Tamasha currently on air, Junaid Khan’s two upcoming dramas, Thays and Khasara, have arrived on the horizon with intriguing teasers.

Besides Junaid, Khasara has an all-star cast including Sarwat Gilani, Mikaal Zulfiqar and Sonia Mishal in pivotal roles, while the actor will be seen opposite Hira Mani in the upcoming play, Thays.

About the selection of his roles, Junaid Khan told Instep, “There are a lot of factors that I keep in mind. The character should be challenging and should have substance. Then I take into account who will be directing the project, as it is the director who is responsible for the entire project. The director defines and shapes up a particular character and makes sure that the story moves on the right pace.” He added, “Moreover, how the script and dialogues have been written matter a lot. If the dialogues lack substance then it becomes a feat for both the actor and director to make the play work. And of course, the production house matters as well.”

According to Khan, the team and the treatment of a certain project makes all the difference. “Even if there are similarities in the characters, how the director treats the play and helps develop the chemistry with other characters, differentiates one character from the other.”

Khan claims that both of his upcoming plays have a realistic element to them and that is what the viewers should look forward to.

– Maria Shirazi