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  • Unoriginal ways
    Unoriginal ways

    Last year was turbulent for Pakistani fashion. Some of the biggest names in the industry were called out for plagiarism, not just by local style watchdogs but also by international artists that they were plagiarising. It was embarrassing on a global level. Luckily, our designers have wisened up and claims of plagiarism are far and few this year.

  • Revenge of the Worthless
    Revenge of the Worthless

    Lahore: Veteran actor Jamal Shah’s directorial debut Badal – Revenge of the Worthless finally saw the light of the day when it was premiered, first in Islamabad and later in Lahore, last week. Although the name suggests a revenge saga, the film is really about the Swat insurgency and the terrorists who took control of the valley by terrorizing people and using their own twisted interpretation of the Holy book.

  • Ali Zafar’s Dear Zindagi to release on November 25
    Ali Zafar’s Dear Zindagi to release on November 25

    Featuring Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt, the first look of Gauri Shinde’s much anticipated drama Dear Zindagi came out recently and has created quite a buzz across all social media platforms. The Twitter conversation of the two stars hints that Khan will be Alia’s guru aka life coach who apparently has the answers to all her questions. Aside from Khan and Bhatt,

  • The great gamble
    The great gamble

    Eight seasons in, can Coke Studio surprise us anymore? That’s a question that can arise in one’s mind when a show or series has been around for this long; 8 years and 8 seasons in Coke Studio’s case. Coke Studio has been around for quite some time and thankfully, it has been doing a good job, discounting a few glitches here and there.

  • Fawad Khan, Deepika Padukone walk the ramp for Manish Malhotra
    Fawad Khan, Deepika Padukone walk the ramp for Manish Malhotra

    Fawad Khan is the man of the moment in India. After creating sizzling chemistry with Deepika Padukone during IIFA Rocks, a part of the three-day IIFA Weekend in Madrid, the actor walked the ramp alongside Deepika Padukone as show-stopper for Manish Malhotra during the India Couture Week (ICW) 2016 in New Delhi.

  • Hobbs heads to prison in Fast 8
    Hobbs heads to prison in Fast 8

    July is proving to be a stellar month for sequels. Star Trek Beyond has opened to fantastic reviews and Jason Bourne is waiting in the wings. And now we have an update on another equally thrilling franchise: Fast and the Furious 8.


    After a chunk of Pakistani films that released earlier this year, this weekend will see the release of two more films that are in sharp contrast with each other in terms of themes and storyline.

  • A quick guide to TV serials
    A quick guide to TV serials

    Television remains a popular source of entertainment for scores of individuals, at home and abroad. In Pakistan, for instance, television serials play a significant role because cinema is just beginning to find itself after a long gap.

  • Notes on creativity
    Notes on creativity

    Lahoris have a reputation of being tardy and laid back, particularly when compared with their more cosmopolitan counterparts from Karachi. Things start late, end even later and punctuality isn’t known to be our strong suit. But if recent studies and research is to be believed, people who are perpetually late are smarter and more creative than their punctual friends and colleagues.