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  • Eid collections on our radar
    Eid collections on our radar

    Eid is just around the corner and even though Eid-ul-Azha isn’t as hyped as its predecessor, it’s still a valid excuse to shop. And to entice you further, some of our favourite bespoke and high street brands are releasing exclusive, limited edition Eid collections that range from formal to casual with versatile pieces that can be styled in multiple manners. Here are our picks for the top collections that we’re excited to see up close and better still, wear this Eid.

  • Redefining 50
    Redefining 50

    At 50, Shah Rukh Khan has turned over a new leaf. For long the superstar has been entertaining audiences as the quintessential, chocolate hero who sweeps every woman off her feet with just one glance, fights off bad guys to get his girl and sings for her with his arms wide open. However, ever since his 50th birthday last year, SRK’s preference for projects seems to have taken a 180 degree turn towards the edgy,

  • Karan Johar all praise for Fawad Khan, yet again!
    Karan Johar all praise for Fawad Khan, yet again!

    Bollywood, it seems, has a dearth of actors because there is only one actor on everyone’s mind these days - Fawad Khan. It appears the Pakistani export has attracted a large number of fans on the other side of the border with just two films to his credit. And ever since his last venture, which saw him play a homosexual character, he has been constantly making headlines.

  • Banning the Burkini
    Banning the Burkini

    Women have rarely found representation in institutions that lay down laws which directly affect them. Whether it’s a decision as big as banning abortion or something that seems as trivial as disallowing them to wear certain items of clothing, they have been marginalized while men sitting in the hall of power call the shots. The most recent such case stems from the burkini ban recently constituted in France.

  • Riz Ahmed’s ‘breakout’ year
    Riz Ahmed’s ‘breakout’ year

    Having watched Riz Ahmed’s limited HBO series, The Night Of, we are convinced that he is truly a remarkable, once-in-a-lifetime kind of actor. And we’re not the only ones. Known for his indie work as well as for a starring role in Mira Nair’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist (derived from the novel of the same name by author Mohsin Hamid), the world has woken up to his mighty talent after watching him essay Nasir “Naz” Khan, a Pakistani-American Muslim in post 9/11 New York, on the series.

  • Ali Azmat and Umair Jaswal gear up for Red Bull sound clash
    Ali Azmat and Umair Jaswal gear up for Red Bull sound clash

    The musical beef (between Ali Azmat and Umair Jaswal) which began late last month after a series of “leaked” videos surfaced online won’t end in more name-calling or videos but a musical duel of sorts. The story began when Azmat, in a series of videos, shared his distaste for Jaswal’s brand of music which led to a war of words. As the days went by, celebrities such as photographer Tapu Javeri, fashion designer Deepak Perwani and video man Saqib Malik also added their spin to the tale.

  • QB anchors ‘Kaari Kaari’ in sizzling form
    QB anchors ‘Kaari Kaari’ in sizzling form

    Upcoming Bollywood courtroom-thriller, Pink, starring Amitabh Bachchan and Tapsee Pannu, has a strong Pakistani connection. The film’s central plot echoes the state of women on this side of the border too – in how women face the brunt of a judgmental, discriminatory and misogynistic society on either sides - while the soundtrack has several elements that give it a Pakistani connection.

  • India is more accepting of Pakistani talent, says HBJ producer Aanand L Rai
    India is more accepting of Pakistani talent, says HBJ producer Aanand L Rai

    Though lauded for its light-hearted depiction of Pak-India relations, Happy Bhag Jayegi has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately. Earlier, actress Momal Sheikh came under fire for commenting that Bollywood was warmer and kinder. However, controversy was fuelled to its peak when the film got banned in Pakistan for a scene that involved Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s portrait. Despite having a Pakistani actress on board, the makers could not get their film screened in the country.

  • Bananistan is packed with laughs
    Bananistan is packed with laughs

    Meeting a group of passionate artists who love what they do can be an uplifting experience. And that’s exactly what one felt after spending some time with team Kopykats during the rehearsals of their latest theatre effort, Bananistan. Penned by a group of writers, each bringing their own expertise to the table, Bananistan is packed with laughs; the kind that will make even the most jaded of viewer chuckle in delight.