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  • On innovation in music
    On innovation in music

    The inaugural edition of FocusPK, a two-day conference meant to promote dialogue, debate and start a conversation on the business of entertainment, held in Karachi this past weekend, managed to give the oft-neglected music scene a sizable portion to showcase its diversity.

  • Pakistani cinema’s censorship problem
    Pakistani cinema’s censorship problem

    FocusPK, the first of its kind conference held for the progress of entertainment production in Pakistan, was held in Karachi over the weekend. One of the sessions caught our eye as incredibly pertinent: Censorship Policies. Before one can delve into the exact events that unfolded at the session, it’s necessary to understand the context and for that, one needs to be well versed in the laws and legislatures that control Pakistani cinema today.

  • Salt Arts and Ali Hamza join forces for Sanwal
    Salt Arts and Ali Hamza join forces for Sanwal

    As we enter the last month of the year, there is a lot to be grateful for, at least musically speaking. Our story begins with Sanwal, a music project that has been created by Ali Hamza, otherwise known as one-half of the music group, Noori.

  • Moments at the Star Screen 2016 Awards
    Moments at the Star Screen 2016 Awards

    It’s amazing how the year 2016 isn’t even over and award ceremonies celebrating the best of 2016 have already started. The 23rd Star Screen Awards took place in Mumbai Sunday night and while we understand that we can no longer view Indian films in cinemas in Pakistan and yes, most of us are harboring distaste and resentment over the current situation, we also have to admit that the Bollywood fixation continues, albeit a more secretive and pirated type.