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The answer to why you might be feeling anxious these days

Expert says person might feel a little depressed these days, worry excessively, be irritable and even lose interest in everyday activities

By Web Desk
October 09, 2022
A woman walking on the edge of a railtrack. —  Unsplash
A woman walking on the edge of a railtrack. —  Unsplash

Some people feel anxious and experience a low mood as the weather changes and autumn makes its way in with falling leaves and dryer winds.

It is a common mood swing that occurs annually in many people. Most individuals do not even recognise it.

Unlike other anxieties, this one does not have any obvious reason, explained Dr Clare Morrison, medical advisor at MedExpress to Healthline.

Sharing the symptoms of such anxiety, Morrison said a person might feel a little depressed, worry excessively, be irritable with sleep problems and even lose interest in everyday activities.

One cause, she said, is the decreased sunlight. Less sunlight means less serotonin, which is a vital hormone impacting mood, energy, and sleep.

"There is also an increase in the hormone melatonin, which tends to make one feel sleepy and depressed,” Morrison said.

Reduction in sunlight could also lead to a vitamin D deficiency which is linked to depression.

However, autumn anxiety unlike like Seasonal Affective Disorder is not a recognised condition.  Transition is generally a trigger of anxiety and weather is the biggest example of transition.

Patricia Thornton, PhD, a licensed psychologist from New York City told the outlet that the end of summer could also bring feelings of guilt and regret of not having done enough during those months. It could also be depressing if a person did have a great time because that season would be going away for a while.

Experts recommended getting more light, exercising,  starting new activities and seeking professional help in this season.