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An average adult today has at least four health problems: poll

The findings showed that adults were not taking as many medical leaves from work as they should

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September 10, 2022
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Research has revealed that an average adult is fighting at least four health issues at a time including headaches and back pain. 

A poll conducted on 2,000 British adults revealed that 82% had at least one minor health condition. Out of those, 52% were found to be in "significant" pain.

Nearly half of the people suffering from ailments have been battling with them for years.

As a result of these health issues, the poll conducted by  OnePoll  found that 46% of adults were struggling to sleep, 28% had developed mental health issues, and 18% were unable to work.

The findings also showed that 70% of sufferers adopted an avoidant coping mechanism and were moving in life with the “keep calm and carry on” attitude.

Unfortunately, 28% do not feel motivated because their doctors do not "seem interested".  Another 22% of sufferers simply do not like visiting the doctor. Surprisingly, half of the people said they did not even think of visiting a pharmacy and seeking medical advice.

Farah Ali, superintendent pharmacist at London’s Warman-Freed advised people not to ignore the body's hints. “Don’t ignore your body by putting up with discomfort and suffering in silence. There are ways to manage conditions early through self-care so that problems don’t build up and disrupt everyday activity.”

The study concluded that the idea of suffering in silence was a nationwide issue.  People looked at other people in worse health conditions and found themselves to be "better".

The findings showed that adults were not taking as many medical leaves as they should. Despite feeling sick, adults were found to be working. While 31% said they had too much work to finish, another 20% did not acknowledge they had a problem at all.