Thursday September 29, 2022

‘Exploitive’ Queen accused of ‘shaming’ Britain: ‘They embody inequality’

Queen put on blast for perpetuating ‘inequality’ with her monarchial rule in England

By Web Desk
August 13, 2022
‘Exploitive’ Queen accused of ‘shaming’ Britain: ‘They embody inequality’
‘Exploitive’ Queen accused of ‘shaming’ Britain: ‘They embody inequality’

The Queen and her monarchy have been called out for relying on ‘inequality’ and “exploiting her privilege” awarded due to birth.

This allegation has been issued by a member of the Labour for a Republic group.

For those unversed, the party is a “pressure group of members and supporters of the Labour Party who campaign for the party to adopt a policy which would achieve the abolition of the British Monarchy.”

A spokesperson for the anti-royalists fumed over the inequality of police-funded protection and pointed out how Prince Andrew is to ‘retain’ full protocol despite his lawsuit.

One of their members took to Twitter to clap back against the decision and made a shocking accusation, blasting The Royal Family for bringing “shame [to] this country every day.”

The spokesperson even went on to allege, “They embody inequality and privilege. They are out of touch with the nation, which they exploit.”