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Tom Cruise starrer ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ turns Paramount's top grossing film

Tom Cruise starrer 'Top Gun: Maverick' becomes the highest-grossing film for Paramount Pictures across the studio’s 110-year history

By Web Desk
July 14, 2022

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This year’s biggest blockbuster hit Top Gun: Maverick has passed another milestone by officially beating James Cameron’s epic Titanic to become Paramount's highest-grossing movie of all time.

Joseph Kosinski's film is now Paramount's highest-grossing movie of all time domestically in its 110-year history. While Titanic held that title for just short of 25 years.

The sequel to the 1986’s classic hit Top Gun passed $600 million at the domestic box office this week. While the film has been breaking numerous box office records since it hit the theatres in May, its newest record has left viewers stunned.

"For 110 years, Paramount Pictures has produced and distributed some of the most iconic films in Hollywood history, including the all-time classic Titanic, which marks its 25th anniversary this year," said Brian Robbins, President and CEO of Paramount Pictures.

"Top Gun: Maverick is a phenomenal motion picture, and we take deep pride in celebrating this tremendous achievement alongside Tom Cruise, our filmmakers and cast, our marketing and distribution teams, and, of course, all the new and original Top Gun fans, without whom this wouldn’t have been possible.”

Top Gun: Maverick sees Cruise return as Navy pilot Pete Mitchell charged with training the next generation of ace aviators. The movie also stars Miles Teller, Glen Powell, Jennifer Connelly and Val Kilmer.