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Prince Charles ‘pushing for Royal Family’s survival’ with rebrand

Prince Charles is working to ‘rebrand’ the Royal Family in an effort to ensure its survival in the modern world

By Web Desk
June 25, 2022

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Prince Charles is reportedly working to ‘rebrand’ the Royal Family in an effort to try and ensure its survival in the modern world, reported Express UK.

Speaking about Charles’ ultimate role as the monarch once his mother, Queen Elizabeth’s, reign ends, royal commentator Shon Faye said that he would ‘reinvent’ the monarchy under his rule.

The comments came as Faye talked to hosts Katie Nicholl and Erin Vanderhoof on the Vanity Fair podcast Dynasty.

Vanderhoof first said: “I think questions that were truly never asked of the Queen will be asked of Charles.”

Nicholl then added: “The affection towards the House of Windsor is principally down to people's respect for the Queen. Her steadfast commitment and devotion to her people and her ability to reinvent the monarchy over the decades, which has been crucial for its survival. So, the big question is, can Charles do the same?”

Faye then responded saying: “I think there will be an attempt to rebrand… Once Charles is king a lot of the old guard at the palaces will be, you know, he'll bring in his own people and he was a bit of a modernizer.”

She added: “I think they will continue to try and push for their own survival. The monarchy, particularly the Windsors, they will do anything to survive… that is ultimately what they will, they will change, if it means survival.”

Faye further shared: “I think they will try and adapt themselves to fit in as best as they can with the modern world and I think the media will allow them to do that.”