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PFUJ expresses anger on PM's allegations, demands apology from him

Expresses shock and anger on PM Imran's "unfounded allegations" against media and journalists

By Web Desk
March 21, 2022
Logo of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists. — PFUJ Website
Logo of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists. — PFUJ Website

ISLAMABAD:  The  Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) expressed anger on Prime Minister Imran Khan's recent allegation against media and journalists in which he claimed that they are campaigning against the  current government in exchange for funds and also demanded an apology from him.

PM Imran's allegation came out during his rally in Malakand.

The President  PFUJ Shahzada Zulfiqar, Vice President Lala Asad Pathan, and Secretary-General Nasir Zaidi, in a joint statement, reflected utter shock on PM Imran's "unfounded allegations." 

They added that it is unusual to see the head of the government using a public forum to spread baseless claims instead of ordering a probe to investigate any such possibility. 

The union urged the premier to order a probe via the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) or through a high-level judicial commission, instead of spreading “fake news” just for electioneering or defusing pressure of “no-trust motion filed by Opposition against him”.

“Fabricated concocted baseless allegations against media and journalists will not help the country’s prime minister which is a top slot and responsible position, requires dissemination of utmost credible information and reasonable and responsible behaviour,” said the PFUJ.

The union was of the view that said these are crucial times for Pakistan’s “respect and credibility among the comity of nations and such a behaviour will further ruin the image of the country”.

They warned that Pakistan cannot afford such statements “at this juncture of history”.

'Nation knows which media houses are sell-outs'

Addressing a jalsa in the Dargai tehsil of the Malakand district, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, PM Imran had said Sunday that as a watchdog of the society, media has a big role to play in strengthening democracy, adding that it is the job of the media is to create awareness among the masses.

At the same time, he said the media has to adopt ethical practices and stand against evil.

"Unfortunately, a lot of media houses work solely for money, and some even accept foreign funding. I leave it to the public to find out which media houses are standing with the thieves [the Opposition]," he said.

"The nation is observing the media and it can see which media house is working in favour of Pakistan and which one is a sell-out," he said.