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Katherine Ryan reacts to Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson's new romance

Kim-Pete's romantic relationship irks Katherine Ryan

By Web Desk
November 29, 2021
Katherine Ryan reacts to Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidsons new romance

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson's new-found romantic relationship has 'agitated' Canadian comedian Katherine Ryan.

Katherine revealed that she was not only ‘agitated’ but even ‘disgusted’ by such rumours of a possible romance between the reality star and the SNL comedian.

 The comedian - who is said to be a fan of Pete -  appeared to be aggressive while sharing her thoughts on the new lovebirds' affair. She doesn’t seem overly thrilled that Davidson could be connected to Kanye's ex Kardashian. 

On the other hand, the cast members of SNL gave the new-found relationship their blessing, not all have been quite so happy to see the reality star and actor get together.

Kim-Pete's romance rumours first began circulating after Kardashian hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live and even kissed Davidson as part of a skit. And reality star’s latest bikini photo sparked further theories.

However, the some fans of the celebrity duo remain unconvinced and think the whole romance has been staged, and Ryan is similarly sceptical.